Date: August 3, 2012 Anniversary Celebrations

Many thanks for all your considerations and fond reminders. It exactly started some 3 years back when I wrote my first article on August 4th, 2009 and it looks like yesterday, I started this blog to help me work on my shortcomings as a beginner, started by sharing my views and opinions in general giving me enough time to silently work upon myself. Thus helped me correct and improve my narration and speech could work upon my loose strings. I religiously took things up as this helped me maintain my focus on Growth aspects related to “Human Infrastructure”.

My counterparts in International Representation kept me busy and I soon started writing for them in US and Canadian newsletters and in content development work and was instrumental in supporting roles in authoring few books and journals in international magazines. Later was also working as a back end support for many popular authors today.

One of my articles on 14th September Hindi Divas was read in over 50 international languages using Google translator and was nominated for the Blogger award by some organisation. I was very indifferent and kept getting lot of appreciations and it was this day that it all started on the internet and this petite step actually acted as a stepping stone in my career.

Here, I celebrate the journey of my 1096 days alias 3 years filled with Growth, Opportunities and lots of Learning.

Equating audiences with cruise-liner wish I could book a minimum of 10 liner for a world tour this time.

Looking for all your continuous support and cooperation in the reaching the vision of “Super Humans” in Human Infrastructure where we collaborate and work together collectively on developing the qualities required to cater to humanity.

As rightly quoted by Alvin, “The illiterates of the 21st Century are not those who cannot read or write But those who cannot Learn, Unlearn and Relearn”.

Wish you all Happy Reading!!!

Love and Peace always..


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