Birthday Special: Enlighten Your Spirits

Ignite the Candles Within..

We celebrate our birthdays as the most spectacular day in our lives. Everybody celebrates his birthday introspecting how I spent my year and making vows I will not do this or I will not do that in the coming year. Its a decent practice as it is a fair way of evaluating where we were and where we have reached.

Many people who really have achieved a very great height in their spiritual life did not need a birthday, but every day they felt it’s a birthday to start, to go ahead, to understand, to learn. Every day is a new year for them. They are people who actually go the extra mile to accomplish what remains unaccomplished, they conquer, they proceed.

I am sure we have seen many people in our surroundings who remain focused and do not deviate from their domain. They stick to their Principles, they march forward with grace every year as if ‘Time salutes’ their deeds.

Everyday bring in a subtle change in ourselves making us grow closer to our objective. Similarly every baby step counts when a big objective is before you.

Wishing you all a healthy surprises in the coming year.

Enjoy till further notice..

A Very Happy Birthday !!!

Congratulations Once again to all my Readers on coming closer to our Objective.

It brings a lot of collective joy..


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