Hi this is Saorabh, from the land of peninsular subcontinent the Land of the Golden Bird India who have enjoyed growing and living here from early 80’s surrounded by love of big family, the peace of nature, delicious food, different tourists, many friends and in the company of musical CD’s and hand written journals / books / magazines. He likes reading but cannot resist to write about everything else in a way sometimes based on experiences, sometimes a bit like a reporter. He likes to explore places and people after innerside.

Having inclination towards developmental psychology and loves to work with families and children of any age group he’s also a part of cooperative education and wellness programs. After having mastered in foreign trade is also into international representation.
I am happy to play my current life where I am now. Hope you enjoy what’s posted around this blog.peace.

This book is a small attempt to share my views and thoughts with all my brothers and sisters across the globe.

Love and Respect forever..


4 Responses to Author

  1. sanjeev says:

    hi, soarabh
    i have gone through all of your blogs. and sincerely also think the same way as you do.

    your blogs, i personally think, may help help and guide to build up peaceful environment in our indian society.

    i wish good luck to you.


    sanjeev Shrivastava


    • saorabhs says:

      Dear Sanjeev,
      Thanks for your appreciation and support. I respect your feelings and do reciprocate the same to all our enlightened bro and sis working collectively across the globe to bring peace and prosperity to all.


  2. Ajay Khilnani says:

    Dear Saorabh
    I have gone through all articles in your blog and i must say that all of them all informative ,inspiring and wtitten with a pure desire to spread message of love,happiness ,well being and peace.
    plaese keep the good work going to enlighten people.
    with best wishes
    ajay khilnani


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