2nd September, World Internet Day

September 5, 2009


In this Aug. 25, 2009 photo, Internet pioneer Len Kleinrock poses for a portrait next to an Interface Message Processor in Los Angeles. The Interface Message Processor was used to develop the Internet.

Internet’s beginnings on September 2, 1969 at the ARPANet was quite humble. Not many knew about it and it was free in every sense of that word. But at its 40th year, with more and more regulations, barriers and threats, it seems to be a far cry from what it once was”

We all know what impact the Internet has had on a global scale.

Changing the way we communicate, network, learn, earn and play, to name but a few things. It is beyond any doubt that the Internet has brought the world closer together than any other media could do.
It’s here to stay and will grow beyond any of our dreams and expectations.

We aim to celebrate all that is good about the Internet.
An interesting statistics from http://www.internetworldstats.com highlights amazing figures.




Now let us look at Internet penetration in Asian Region.




In a nutshell,
Indian Population 2009 (Est.) 1,156,897,766,
Internet Users Year 2000 5,000,000
Internet Users latest data – 81,000,000
Penetration (% Population) 7.0%
Users Growth (2000-2009) 1,520.0%
User (%) In Asia 11.6%.
All sources taken from http://www.internetworldstats.com


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